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Benefits of the Blakoe Ring


Poor blood supply is usually at the root of this condition and the great improvement in blood circulation induced by the Blakoe Ring initiates rapid results in the impotence sufferer.

Low sex drive

The Blakoe Ring is the safest, most natural method of bringing about the desired improvement. Its electro-dynamic action stimulates the testes and encourages the increased secretion of potent hormones amplifying both desire and vitality. Alternative stimulants, such as drugs, not only carry the risk of unpleasant side effects, but ultimately can prove detrimental to your overall health and long term sexual vigour.

Underdeveloped genitals

Two of the independent medical reports into the Blakoe Ring noted as an aside from their main findings that the penis achieved its maximum dimensions all the time the ring was being worn

Incontinence (Weak Bladder)

The Blakoe Ring is exceptionally impressive in the relief of incontinence and all forms of bladder and sphincter troubles. Bladder weakness and a frequency in passing urine can be greatly alleviated due to the way the Blakoe Ring harnesses electro-dynamism to help retrain the tiring muscles responsible for incontinence.

Childless couples

Childless couples may also find the Blakoe Ring especially helpful, as an increased production of sperm can often be enhanced by the natural cooling process of the testicles, which takes place when their distance from the body is maintained with the help of this device.

Premature ejaculation

Users who previously suffered from the all too common and intensely frustrating problem of premature ejaculation have testified to the remarkable benefits to be gained from the Blakoe Ring.  

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