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How does the Blakoe Ring work?

Built into the Blakoe Ring's construction are small electro-dynamic copper and zinc plates which produce a perpetual flow of electrical energy when in contact with the naturally ionic moisture in the pores of the skin. This avoids any need for batteries.

The electrical energy, in conjunction with the slight restraining effect of the ring, stimulates blood circulation to the sexual organs, thus facilitating erection. The dynamic plates have been scientifically tested and register a continuous flow of electricity throughout wear.

It is important to note that the electrical effect of The Blakoe Ring does not directly cause an erection, but rather it assists the body in regaining its natural sexual capabilities. For this reason, The Blakoe Ring can be worn as often and for as long as you wish without fear of embarrassment.

Wearing The Blakoe Ring

The Blakoe Ring may be worn according to individual necessity. Some men find it so comfortable and easy to wear that they wear it every day. Others wear it for just a few hours each day, whilst some prefer to wear it only during intercourse.

The ring fits comfortably around the entire 'genital bunch', the base of the penis passing behind the scrotum and testicles. If preferred it can be removed during intercourse. Many however, prefer to wear it 24 hours a day as, during sexual activity, its pressure stimulation on a partner's sensitive areas is commonly reported to be very pleasurable.

Weighing only 32 grams, The Blakoe Ring has been scientifically designed and manufactured from very light, medical grade polymers. Its unique patented design ensures that it is not only exceptionally easy to place and remove, but also is remarkably comfortable to wear.

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The Blakoe Penis ring - sexual aid and cure for impotence

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