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Medical Reports


A Brief Report by Alan J Cooper MD, MRCPsych, DPM, Surgeon and Gynaecologist, on the Original Blakoe Energising and Suspensory Ring, published in On Call Magazine volume 9 no.8, from the full paper published in the British Journal of Psychiatry Volume 124.

The Blakoe Energiser, or Suspensory Ring, is an appliance of oblong shape rounded at the ends. The body of the ring is made of polycarbonate material and is approximately half an inch in diameter. On the inner surface on two opposite sides are affixed small zinc and copper plates, inlaid to ensure complete smoothness of the surface. The Ring is divided into two parts, thus permitting it to be easily fitted into place and removed as required.

The Energiser is designed to be placed around the base of the penis and upper part of the scrotum, and, when closed, will leave the lower part of the scrotum, the testes, and the greater part of the penis suspended free below it. When in place, the Energiser not only affords excellent support for the suspended testes but also - and this of the greater importance produces a spontaneous, mild, steady electrical current to the genitalia, which is generated by the action of slightly moist, acid-containing skin coming into contact with the alternating zinc and copper plates, which in turn stimulates the manufacture of the potent internal hormonal secretions of the testes. These hormones are known to have a pronounced effect in developing all the muscles of the body, including the heart muscle. They also act on the central nervous system, especially the brain, relieving nervous exhaustion and lassitude, inducing enhanced feelings of general well-being, and greatly increasing the capacity for study and mental effort. Overall, they can also provide a rejuvenating effect on all the tissues of the body.

With regard to spermato-genesis, or the development of the reproductive cells, it is claimed that both the mild current and the general support provided to the testes can result in the production of larger numbers of stronger and more vigorous spermatozoa. Furthermore, these effects will also increase and prolong erection of the penis, thereby relieving all degrees of impotence and greatly increasing sexual capacity.

In order to assess the remarkable results achieved by using The Energiser, one need only assess the numerous unsolicited reports provided by those who have attested to its powerful and successful effects, none of whom have ever reported experiencing any ill-effects from its use.

Since it first went on sale in the early 1930s, The Energiser has sold to literally thousands of men worldwide. And although many modern-day therapists and practitioners treat sexual dysfunction in men with a variety of internal secretions prepared for use by injection, or for administration in tablet form, it is apparent that, combining such treatment with the wearing of The Energiser is in no way detrimental but rather is synergistic to, or cooperative with, the administration of hormonal treatment.

In conclusion, it may be stated that the Blakoe Energiser was tested at the Faraday House Testing Laboratories.

A Physician concludes

Scientifically conceived, and designed to be easily and quickly applied, The Energising Ring has been proven not only to produce far-reaching results insofar as impotence and sexual dysfunction in men are concerned, but also to improve an individual's overall bodily health and general sense of well-being.

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