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the blakoe ring
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impotence solution - medical reports
impotence solution - medical reports


I was very impressed in the Energiser Ring. I have had one for 2 years and have found it really marvellous, in fact it is everything your claims say it is ... Mr D, Ches.


...and it really does work well. I've been using it for about a month now and first noticed its effect after about two weeks. I notice that both my penis and balls hang lower and erections are stronger. Anon. Internet

...from personal experience of my husband it does work. My hubby actually likes wearing his ring during the day and at night when we make love he keeps it on as when he's erect the ring helps keep him hard longer. I also like the feeling of the hard plastic (carbon) ring against me. Try it. It isn't cheap but does work. Sister Cadfael,

I've used my Blakoe Ring for 25 years and it's always been brilliant Mr C, Wales is a slightly different feeling... not uncomfortable but different, it is the best thing I've ever done as far as an erection aid. I tried Viagra and didn't like it. L.Luv, internet

For the last six months I have been wearing the blakoe ring and it has made an improvement to my testicular retraction, impotence & urinary problems. It has proved effective when after years of consultation by a urinary department and doctors has not. Mr P T, Leicester

The best thing about the ring is the erection in the morning when I've worn it overnight. Mr A, Singapore

...the ring makes me feel good. Mr K, New York

The ring has strengthened my erection, made it last longer and provides bladder control. Mr A, Vancouver

It all works, I am pleased with the performance it has done. Thank you very much. Mr M, Las Vegas

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about the blakoe ring

the blakoe ring


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