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The advantages of using Blakoemax lotion

By avoiding the harsh environment in the digestive system, transdermal delivery can enhance therapeutic efficacy while decreasing side effects.

Furthermore it is needle-free and above all easy. Transdermal delivery has been described by doctors around the globe as "the delivery system of the future". Due to the physical size of the molecule (which plays an important role) and high absorption rate creams in particular are favoured over gels or oils. A review of the literature soon shows that, when delivered transdermally, supplements can be transported to target cells 20 times as efficiently when compared with nutrients taken orally*. This is because the digestive system breaks down and excretes a significant proportion of ingredients before they can be utilised by the body. Not only does this mean transdermal delivery can be more effective but also, as expensive ingredients are targeted more accurately, there is less wastage helping creams to give much better value for money:- a greater measure of success from no more supplements than your body's precise needs.

Dr. Steven Richeimer, M.D. , Director, USC Pain Management, USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA , USA has identified the following key advantages of topical and transdermal delivery systems:

  • cream base makes application easy and controllable
  • onset of symptom relief is faster than oral preparations
  • symptoms are alleviated at a steady rate and relief can last longer
  • compounds delivered transdermally often need to be applied less frequently and in smaller amounts

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*Source: Department of Pharmacology, University of Dublin

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