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Blakoe - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Blakoe Ring guaranteed?
Yes. We operate a full 3 month no questions asked money-back guarantee to anyone who is not totally satisfied with the product, provided the appliance is returned to us in good condition.

Q. Is the Blakoe Ring comfortable to wear?
Yes. After just a few days of wearing the ring you should become unaware of its presence.

Q. Should I wear the Energising Ring at all times?
Initially the ring should be worn at all times day and night until you are satisfied that you have reached your personal capacity. Thereafter, the ring need only be worn as long and as often as you feel it necessary to maintain your desired level of virility.

Q. How long does the Energising Ring last?
Most men get many years of faithful service from their Energising Ring.

Q. Does the Energising Ring require any maintenance?
To maintain maximum benefit from your Energising Ring, we recommend that the ring is washed regularly and that the galvanic plates are re-energised by polishing with the ultra-fine grade steel wool supplied.

Q. What should I do if the Energising Ring seems loose?
Some larger men may have this problem which is overcome by use of an elastic strap, supplied.

Q. Does the Energising Ring need batteries or an external power source?
No. The Ring generates its own power from its electro-dynamic plates responding to normal body secretions. No batteries are ever required.

Q. Can I pay by cheque?
Yes. Simply send a cheque for the full cost, as shown on the online order page of this website, to Matthews & Wilson Ltd at Forest Works, Forest Road , Charlbury Oxon.

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