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(First published in a Medical Journal)

The Cure for Partial Erection

"From my own 20 years' experience in general practice, getting blood out of a stone is easier than persuading a patient to admit to any form of impotence."

A discussion with the patient's wife may reveal a very different story.

It has been my experience that most men over the age of 45 suffer from some degree of impotence. The psychiatrists would have us believe that most cases are psychological in origin, and there is no doubt that psychology does play a big part. But to suggest that 90% of impotence is due to this cause would be incorrect. I am sure that most of my colleagues in general practice would agree.

Whilst there are definite organic causes of impotence traceable to diseases of the genito-urinary system, a gradual and age-related diminution in the output of testosterone is of primary importance. It is natural to assume that giving the patient testosterone would, pari passu, cure the condition, but such has not been the case - at least as far as I have found. Unless a definite diminution in the serum-testosterone level can be demonstrated, its use is a disappointment in treating impotence.

The Blakoe Energiser Ring

After reading an article on the subject of male sexual aids in the journal World Medicine, my interest was sufficiently stimulated to discuss the matter with a representative of Blakoe Ltd., the manufacturers of the device. Following this discussion, I encouraged several patients to try the Blakoe Energiser and Suspensory Ring. On contact with natural moisture, the copper and zinc electrodes produce a current of 0.05 volts. This stimulation, plus a slight constrictive effect on the penile veins, enhances erectile capacity to a remarkable degree.

Partial erection case reports

Most of the men I have treated complained of an inability to produce a really firm erection. There was no lack of libido and their sexual partners were in all cases attractive to them. Here are three examples:

The first patient was an intelligent 60-year-old managing director of a property company. Physically fit and an active golfing enthusiast, he had no psychological problems, did not drink to excess, and showed no outward signs of impotence, i.e., he had a strong grip, was mentally alert and had a muscular power greater than average for his age. After using the Blakoe Ring for three weeks, he noticed that his erections were 40-50% more rigid. His frequency of intercourse increased from 3-4 times per month, to 8 times per month, and there was a definite increase in the diameter of his penis. In repose it was generally larger and showed increased muscle tone. After the apparatus had been removed for a few days, its replacement resulted in a physical feeling of increased tone and general well-being.

The second case was that of a professional colleague aged 55 who again had noticed the peculiar inability to get a really firm and first-class erection of the sort he had been used to. He was a muscular and fit athlete for his years, and was in excellent physical and mental shape. He took regular exercise, was a keen swimmer and golfer, and walked two to three miles daily. The serum testosterone level was 8.3 nanograms per mI (N=5-19) and the plasma LH was at 3.5 mlU/ml. Oestrogens were too low to measure. These tests indicated a normal output of testosterone, and yet he complained that, in spite of more than adequate physical and mental stimulus, his penis would never become more than semi-rigid. Before I was aware of the Blakoe Energiser Ring, I had tried him on Sustanon (testosterone) injections, but they were completely ineffective. Following this, I prescribed the Ring and within three weeks he reported erections as good as they had ever been in his youth. His wife testified to this, most enthusiastically. He also noticed an improved feeling of well being and increased physical stamina, both during sports and going about his every day tasks. Once again, the physical dimensions of the penis in repose were greater and its tone was improved.

The last case was a 59-year-old owner of a thriving motor-car business. A keen rally enthusiast and badminton player, he was a lean, fit, athletic man. Despite the love he had for his wife, and her definite sexual attraction, he found his penis would never become more than semi-stiff. The shaft in its proximal two-thirds was reasonably firm, but the distal third, including the corona glandis, was lacking in rigidity.

I prescribed the correct size Blakoe Ring and the results were quite extraordinary. Within a period of 10 days he noticed a distinct difference. Erections were now as good as they had been in most active youth. I had told him to remove the ring before going to sleep as he might have been awoken by an erection. This he took cum grano salo, but was delighted to tell me this had in fact happened for the first time in 10 years. He has now been using it for two months and has forgotten he ever suffered from any form of impotence."

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