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"Eight months ago a 'Forum' reader drew my attention to the device for men which I had not heard of until then, the Blakoe Energiser Ring. The Ring is based on a sound scientific principle.

When worn, a mild steady electrical current is set up by metal plates making contact with the moist acid-containing skin of the penis and scrotum. Blakoe claimed that this current, by passing through the scrotum and testicles, promoted the production of the hormone testosterone, which is secreted by the testicles, and also increased the production of sperms of excellent quality and mobility.

Testosterone is one of the principal male sex hormones, it stimulates sexual desire, controls the sex-drive, and, in a secondary capacity, is responsible for the male sex characteristics such as the growth of hair on the face, belly and under the arms, the deepening of the voice and the growth and development of the penis and testicles at puberty and during adolescence.

In fact, if the testicles - which are the main supplier of testosterone (a certain amount is also secreted by the pituitary) do not produce sufficient amounts of the hormone, the man's sexual activity is adversely affected. His sexual desire becomes weaker and his sex-drive operates less frequently. This of course, does begin to happen naturally after the man has passed the forty-five year mark. It is, however, a very gradual process and the man need never reach the first stage of sexual non-activity if he faces up to the facts and takes advantage of whatever medical science offers him.

On the other hand, if the testicles can be stimulated in some way to continue producing testosterone so that the natural process of phasing down is slowed up, then resorting to the more drastic injections and implantations of testosterone can be postponed. The man's sexual activity will then continue at a higher rate than it would otherwise do. Fear of increasing impotence will also be greatly lessened if not eliminated altogether. Blakoe claimed that his Energiser will do just this, and he received support from a number of members of the medical profession with regard to these claims. He also claimed that because the action of electricity increases the blood supply to the penis, his device is also effective in overcoming many cases of partial impotence.

At the time that the Ring was first brought to my notice, I had a number of cases of partial impotence which were stubbornly resisting all efforts to overcome them. They mostly involved men in their fifties and were the type of partial impotence where the penis never achieves more than half rigidity. This condition of partial impotence, while influenced by psychological causes, is also affected by a low standard of general health, brought about by overwork and preoccupation with business. The supply of blood to the penis is affected and there is no accompanying debilitation of the sexual nervous system. I decided that no harm could be done if I chose six of these cases to experiment with the Blakoe Energiser Ring.

At the same time, I was also working at high pressure myself, and tired easily. A few hours in London would completely exhaust me. So I was extremely impressed by its effects. I did not tire so quickly and I could even return from a day in London with some energy left.

The claim that the blood supply to the penis is stimulated by wearing the Ring, is, in my view, as valid as the energising claim. I have noticed that all the time I am wearing the Ring the penis maintains its maximum flaccid dimensions.

It may be suggested that both the energising effect and the supply of blood to the penis are the result of suggestion, that psychology and not electricity is the real cause. I do not think so, because once the Energiser Ring is in place it cannot be felt, and I very rarely remember that I am wearing it. Others testify to similar unawareness.

Five co-operators made the same observations both in regard to energy and penile dimensions, and five of them reported within three weeks, that by wearing the Ring during intercourse they achieved and sustained a firm erection. At the end of a further month, they were able to get the same firmness of erection without using the Ring during lovemaking.

I was so impressed by the results of wearing the Ring, both on my own account and in the light of the experience of these five, that I decided to put it to the test in a rather uncommon case of a boy of 18.

This young man, A.N, had written to me from school in a state of desperation. At 18 he had never achieved orgasm whilst masturbating. He had periodic wet dreams during which he experienced orgasms of varying intensity. "The trouble is", he wrote, I have quite a job to get an erection. Some of my friends can get erections just by looking at a picture of a naked girl, without having to touch their penises. I can't. It takes me at least ten minutes of rubbing my penis for me to get an erection, but then the awful thing is that it goes limp again within half a minute, and I just can't get it up again, whatever I do."

This was an unusual case on account of A.N.'s age. The fact that he had wet dreams during which he was conscious of orgasm and always had evidence of fairly copious ejaculation, showed that there was little, if anything, wrong with him organically. I suspected a psychological block, and though it took some weeks to discover what the block was, we did eventually find it.

This helped a little. Within a short time he could achieve a strong erection within two or three minutes of direct stimulation of the penis, but he could still not sustain the erection long enough for him to orgasm under continued stimulation.

The experts whose advice I called upon were as puzzled as I was. We racked our brains to try to find some way of eliminating the last effects of the block which were still, obviously, affecting his sexual capacity. It was when I was on the verge of abandoning the case that I decided to try the Blakoe Ring with him. I instructed him to wear it permanently unless he became aware that he was using it, then he should remove it and put it on an hour or so later. A few days after he first began to wear it, he took a vacation job which entailed his working with a number of women. Two or three days later I had this letter from him:

Dear Robert, This Ring is having a fantastic effect. I can now get an erection within a couple of minutes of stimulation when I am wearing the Ring, and it stays up for about a quarter of an hour... This is incredible enough, but while I am working all of a sudden I find I've got an incredibly hard erection... This has never happened to me before...

This was a couple of months ago. Now he can get an erection spontaneously and with direct stimulation sustain it for twenty minutes to half an hour, without wearing the Ring at the time.

I am not claiming that any of the results I have described as entirely attributable to the Ring, except the response that all, including myself, have noted - that while the Ring is being worn the penis remains constantly at its maximum flaccid dimensions. This seems to me to indicate that the current, small though it is, does increase the flow of blood to the penis, and that this in turn helps in overcoming the type of partial impotence which is brought about by poor circulation in the pelvic and genital areas. In cases of partial impotence, I think that there may be some psychological factor involved, and I consider this to be all to the good. Any device that will produce a beneficial psychological response has, in my view, much to commend it.

I can speak personally about the energising properties of the Ring. In my view they are remarkable, and on this account alone I would have no hesitation in recommending the Blakoe Ring to young and middle-aged men whose work or business take a more natural toll of their energy. For the elderly men it is a boon. Nowadays I would not dream of having a day in London, or undertaking an unusually heavy physical task without wearing mine.

I also believe that the success I personally know I have had in the cases of partial impotence (for which, again, I have recommended it to middle-aged and young men alike) make it well worth a trial by those who suffer from this condition."

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