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Medical Journal references

British Journal of Psychiatry vol 124 p 402

"The Blakoe Ring improved a worthwhile proportion of the impotents studied"


Medical Digest Vol 19 No. 8 p 34

"The Cure for Partial Erection, Partial impotence with an inability to produce a firm erection in spite of stimulation by a sexually attractive partner is due to inadequate penile circulation.  This can often be cured by use of a Blakoe Ring."

Doctor Magazine Vol 83 p 28

"No man reporting with impotence or increasing age-linked failure of sexual performance should be without the Blakoe Ring."

Forum Adviser Magazine vol 14 No 9

"the Blakoe Ring may well help individuals but the variety of aphrodisiac pills which are sold will not."

MIMS magazine vol 79 p 32

"the Blakoe Ring can act to produce a larger erection and as an extra stimulus during coitus."

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Medical Journal references


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