Blakoe Ring & Blakoemax Energising Lotion

Medical studies show the Blakoe Ring™ to be the safest and most effective device ever invented for the improvement of male sexual function (impotency, reduced sex drive), or partial incontinence. With the Blakoe Ring™ your penis can consistently achieve its fullest natural expression.


Blakoemax Lotion rises to the challenge; not only will it provide the necessary electrolytic environment but also special ingredients have been carefully selected and combined by Blakoe’s consultant herbalist using the accumulated knowledge and techniques of over 30 years dedication to produce an ideal formula to help disperse stress, create relaxation and promote a healthy libido.

Following his groundbreaking development of the original Blakoe Ring, Dr Blakoe continued to research ways of improving its effectiveness still further.

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Blakoe Ring and Energising Lotion