The Blakoe Ring – Cure for Incontinence (Weak bladder)

The Blakoe Ring is exceptionally impressive in the relief of incontinence and all forms of bladder and sphincter troubles.

…my water frequency problem seems to have cleared up all at once and now I am back to normal.” Mr S J, London

Bladder weakness and a frequency in passing urine can be greatly alleviated due to the way the Blakoe Ring harnesses electro-dynamism to help retrain the tiring muscles responsible for incontinence.

Ahead of its time

The very first, original Blakoe Ring was invented as a cure for incontinence in the 20th Century by the famous anatomist and physiologist, Dr. Robert Blakoe.

Very positive results

Preliminary results fully justified Dr. Blakoe’s confidence and he produced several more prototype rings for his patients in a small scale trial. When this trial was underway word of the benefits began to spread. Outside his own enlightened circle many doctors laughed at the idea that something so simple could actually work. Now in more free thinking times they are widely using the same principle to treat their female patients.

Threat from the “Anti-progress” faction

For Dr Blakoe’s ring the sudden burst of publicity proved to be almost the end. Prevailing public opinion made advertising the benefits taboo and the idea almost died. One thing kept it going, the human grapevine, word of mouth. Despite the media silence, two things persisted: the testimonials from delighted users and the sexual advantages that steadily gained major prominence while the original value for incontinence was largely overshadowed.

Modern medical tests prove positive

It was not until the early 1970’s that public opinion began to change. With greater acceptance of sexual medicine a few pioneering doctors set about the first full-scale medical trials of the Blakoe Ring. The published findings left no doubt. The ring not only worked, it worked well, both amplifying sexual stamina, increasing and sustaining erection as well as helping problems of incontinence.

The Blakoe cockring

For the last six months I have been wearing the blakoe ring and it has made an improvement to my testicular retraction, impotence & urinary problems. It has proved effective when after years of consultation by a urinary department and doctors has not. Mr P T, Leicester

The ring has strengthened my erection, made it last longer and provides bladder control. Mr A, Vancouver