About the Blakoe Ring™

After numerous improvements in modern technology, materials and manufacture, the Blakoe success story, which has long been ‘the best-kept secret for men in the know’, continues to grow.

Electro-dynamism and Re-invigoration

Electricity is widely used in medicine in one form or other. It helps body scans, assists bone healing and tissue regeneration and it retrains muscles. It can re-invigorate mind and body as well as stimulating blood circulation; and that is perhaps its most useful function of all. Stimulation is the way electro-dynamism enables the Blakoe Ring™ to work.

The Mark III Blakoe Ring™ clean and clinical in white is easy to position, wear and maintain. Wearing the energising ring has never been so simple, so effective, or so private. No one need ever know the source of the renewed vigour and vitality of its regular users.

Recent advances in technology have made it possible to construct the precision Mark III Blakoe Ring™ in a controlled atmosphere from previously unknown advanced medical-grade materials. But our main achievement is that, despite its previous fame and thousands of users over the past four generations: “it is now even better than it ever was before”.

Success Down Under

It was in Australia that the Ring was first officially recognised and registered as a genuine therapeutic device. Registration with the requirements of the European Union medical regulations is now complete. It seems likely that worldwide acceptance will not be far behind.

Mr D, Ches.

“I was very impressed in the Energiser Ring. I have had one for 2 years and have found it really marvellous,
in fact it is everything your claims say it is”.


Wearing The Blakoe Ring

The Blakoe Ring may be worn according to individual necessity. Some men find it so comfortable and easy to wear that they wear it every day. Others wear it for just a few hours each day, whilst some prefer to wear it only during intercourse.

The ring fits comfortably around the entire ‘genital bunch’, the base of the penis passing behind the scrotum and testicles. If preferred it can be removed during intercourse. Many however, prefer to wear it 24 hours a day as, during sexual activity, its pressure stimulation on a partner’s sensitive areas is commonly reported to be very pleasurable.

Weighing only 32 grams, The Blakoe Ring has been scientifically designed and manufactured from very light, medical grade polymers. Its unique patented design ensures that it is not only exceptionally easy to place and remove, but is also remarkably comfortable to wear.

Mr C, Italy

“…I noticed a decided benefit and improvement. I have just celebrated my 70th birthday and regret that I
did not know of this discovery 20 years ago …”

Medical Reports and Trials on the Blakoe Energising Ring

A Brief Report by Alan J Cooper MD, MRCPsych, DPM, Surgeon and Gynaecologist, on the Original Blakoe Energising and Suspensory Ring, published in On Call Magazine volume 9 no.8, from the full paper published in the British Journal of Psychiatry Volume 124.

With regard to spermato-genesis, or the development of the reproductive cells, it is claimed that both the mild current and the general support provided to the testes can result in the production of larger numbers of stronger and more vigorous spermatozoa. Furthermore, these effects will also increase and prolong erection of the penis, thereby relieving all degrees of impotence and greatly increasing sexual capacity.

Since it first went on sale in the early 1930s, The Energiser has sold to literally thousands of men worldwide. And although many modern-day therapists and practitioners treat sexual dysfunction in men with a variety of internal secretions prepared for use by injection, or for administration in tablet form, it is apparent that, combining such treatment with the wearing of The Energiser is in no way detrimental but rather is synergistic to, or cooperative with, the administration of hormonal treatment.

Mr M, Las Vegas

“It all works, I am pleased with the performance it has done. Thank you very much”.