Drug-free Alternative


The Blakoe Ring – a drug-free alternative to Viagra

The Blakoe Ring’s electro-dynamic action stimulates the testes and encourages the increased secretion of potent hormones amplifying both desire and vitality.

Alternative stimulants, such as drugs, not only carry the risk of unpleasant side effects, but ultimately can prove detrimental to your overall health and long term sexual vigour.

Forum Adviser Magazine vol 14 No 9

” the Blakoe Ring may well help individuals but the variety of aphrodisiac pills which are sold will not.”

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the Blakoe Ring safe?

Yes. The Energising Ring has been worn with success by thousands of men all over the world for many years, and is totally safe to use and no unwanted side effects have been reported. The Energiser is completely natural, non-invasive, drug and injection free, unlike many other treatments available.

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L.Luv, internet

“…it is a slightly different feeling… not uncomfortable but different, it is the best thing I’ve ever
done as far as an erection aid. I tried Viagra and didn’t like it".