The Original Blakoe Ring vs. the “Ring of Power”

There are many places on the web where The Blakoe Ring is talked about alongside the “Ring of Power”.
This page will tell you why the two products are not comparable in any way.



The Ring of Power says it works on the same principle as the Blakoe Ring, this is the first of many misleading claims, no electric current can ever be produced as the Ring of Power is set up. In fact the products couldn’t be more different. The Ring of Power is a clumsy device that looks like it was made at home. The Blakoe Ring is a properly manufactured and tested device of solid ergonomic construction. The Blakoe Ring arrives cleanly packaged in a box with all the accessories needed to clean and fit the item. The Ring of Power looks like it needs a clean before you’d even want to try it the first time!

The pictures on this page should put a stop to all the discussion and show that the
“Ring of Power”is merely two metal pipes joined by rubber tubing.



The reason that the Ring of Power sometimes appear to come out top is its cost – $35 compared with the Blakoe Ring at $149.99. This is a big difference and is why some people try the ROP. It has been compared to getting a fake Rolex but this isn’t correct. The Ring of Power doesn’t even come close to looking, feeling or acting like the Blakoe Ring.

If you need to find a solution to Erectile Disfunction or Incontinence problems only one device should be sensibly considered.

British Journal of Psychiatry vol 124 p 402  “The Blakoe Ring improved a worthwhile proportion of the impotents studied”.